Posted Oct 28 2015

Cake - This Movie Doesn't Really Rock

Dir: Daniel Barnz

Starring Jennifer Anniston, Anna Kendrick, Adrianna Barraza, Sam Worthington, the Macy-Huffmans

This is a frustrating film, in that it is full of decent pieces, which never manage to deliver a satisfying whole. Anniston is on strong form as a woman suffering chronic pain both inside and out. But she never fully convinces enough to get past that thought of “Oh look – there’s Jennifer Anniston with scars on.” Anna Kendrick is her usual splendid self – but there’s simply not enough of her. William H. Macy shows up too late and reeks of being a plot point. Director Barnz is so enamoured of his less is more drip feed approach that when the reveal arrives it’s almost too little too late.

Still, moments in it work really well. So much so that the rest of it disappoints by comparison.

Has cake, doesn't eat it. Frustrating.


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