Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur

 Back in 1979, two of the nerdiest white boys ever, put together one of the greatest black groups of all time. Don and David Was (not their real names) formed a band in 1979 designed to mix rock, pop, soul, disco, funk, social commentary, early EDM, satirical beat poetry and more. Crucially, they recruited the great “Sweet Pea” Atkinson” and “Sir” Harry Bowens on shared lead vocals, and their albums went on to include guest collaborations from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Mel Torme, Elvis Costello, Kim Basinger, Iggy Pop, Leonard Cohen, Wayne Kramer, Booker T, Kris Kristofferson and Frank Sinatra Jr.

In honour of the release of Jurassic World this week, we offer up just about their biggest hit (though not necessarily their finest song). Walk The Dinosaur hails from their masterpiece, 1989’s What Up Dog? (if you don’t own this album – download it now.) It may not have the grandeur of Spielberg’s dino-incarnations – but it’s more fun to dance to!

Hit “Play!” already.



And  - as an extra bonus track because you’ve been so good – check out the comeback single from their 2008 reunion, proving they had lost nothing despite the years in between. Lap up some of that Crazy Water, and – you know – hit “Play!”


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