Posted Nov 10 2015

Burnt - This Movie Doesn't Sizzle, Doesn't Cook, Doesn't Rock

Dir: John Wells

Starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Alicia Vikander, Uma Thurman, Lily James, Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhh, Henry Goodman (who was in that really rather good culinary-themed Out On A Limb that one time)

Finally, a movie that lives up to the promise of its trailer, i.e. it’s as bad as it looked! Bradder’s Adam Jones is on his way from having had a culinary disaster in the kitchens of Paris. For a change of pace the man creates a cinematic disaster in the kitchens of London.

Jones is a good chef having a bad day who has not only burnt several entres but all his bridges as well – yes, it’s that reliant on cliché. But he’s just so damn good that, despite the hole the man has dug for himself, Daniel Bruhl still hands him a top restaurant to run; because he’s so damn good Sienna Miller finds it impossible to resist him, and – yeah you guessed it – because he’s so damn good – stuffy food critics fall at his pasta. But that’s not enough for Jones. He doesn’t want them to merely fall. He wants them to cry. And then never eat again because his food is so damn good, it’s too good to eat – or some such bollocks.

Steve Knight’s script (not the man’s best work) is awash with such badly thought out pretention and nonsense  (and Wells’ direction so flat) that Burnt almost becomes amusing. Sadly, that’s an almost, with Cooper ramping up the intensity level in a way that would shame the Ramseys and Pierre Whites of both that world and this.

There’s probably a good movie to be made about an obsessive chef in search of both redemption and a Michelin Star or two in the now hugely high profile world of celebrity chefery – this ain’t it!


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