Posted Oct 28 2015

Song Of The Week - The Freddy Fuddpucker All Star Rhythm n' Blues Folk Country Jazz Band - Long Distance Love Affair

Of all the bands who never made it out of the ‘80s alive, perhaps the greatest loss was the ridiculously eclectic Freddy Fuddpucker All Star Rhythm n’ Blues Folk Country Jazz Band. As a band they did exactly what it said on the tin – apart from the “All Star” bit - and were indeed the first band ever to pen a heavy metal country and western song, (the long lost and sorely missed “It’s Hard To Be A Bigot In The Suburbs.”)

Comprised of a defrocked reverend, an aristocratic British Lord (Lord Dudley Rage - audiences felt his pain!), a deadbeat hippie (name of Hippie Deadbeat) and a short woman on violin, the Fuddpuckers were a seminal part of the mid-to-late ‘80s Birmingham indie scene in the UK, but failed to secure a record deal, their greatest claim to fame being a brief appearance on the BBC, courtesy of The Russell Harty Show. (The late Russell was said to have been “Impressed. But not that impressed.”)

As the decade ended so did they, leaving little behind but memories for anyone who ever saw them and this poorly produced, distinctly amateurish  - but still full of wonder – video, which says more about the ‘80s than the ‘80s have ever said about themselves. May they RIP. (Or reform, if the money was right!)

Want the film connection? Well, as they did with pop music, the Fuddpuckers never made it in the movie world either. But they were often – sometimes all together, sometimes in various combinations – spotted going to various cinemas in Birmingham. Back in – as the young folks now say – the day.


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