Posted Oct 28 2015

The Falling - This Movie Swooningly Rocks

Dir:  Carol Morley

Starring Maisie Williams, Florence Pugh, Maxine Peake

Morley follows her quasi-doc debut Dreams Of A Life with a somewhat elliptical leap into full on drama, impressionistic though it may be. It focuses on two young girls in 1969 in a posh all-girls school. When one of them, Abbie (Pugh) falls ill, the other girls in the school – starting with her best friend Lydia (Williams) – start to faint, or “fall” as it were, on a regular basis, something the authorities, be that school, home, or outside psychiatrists, refuse to understand or are powerless to explain.

Morley’s film seeks no satisfactory answers either. It is in part a look at young women growing into an uncertain adulthood, at times almost a love story and a story of loss, certainly a story of confusion, and at other times almost an obscure folk balled scored (rather well) by Everything But The Girl’s Tracy Thorn.

There are even quiet nods to British horror movies in here,  but ultimately it’s a movie about emotional fragility and the way that can manifest itself in a teenage woman. Uneven at times, but seductive on its own terms.


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