Posted Jul 27 2020

A Rainy Day In New York - This Movie Woody Rocks

Dir; Woody Allen

Starring Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Liev Schreiber, Diego Luna, Cherry Jones

Originally denied a release by its backers Amazon – for ridiculous unfounded and disproved nonsense – the new Woody Allen finally arrived the other day – snuck out on Amazon. And whilst it may not be Allen’s best – it’s still a delight to have the first new Woody in two years.

Always a filmmaker who casts locations, music – and in this instance the weather – as well as he casts actors, A Rainy Day In New York is a bitter sweet delight. From Cusack to Branagh and beyond, Woody’s leading men can’t help but sound like the octogenarian filmmaker himself and Timothy Chalamet here is no exception, as he meanders through a day in NY, trying to impress his girlfriend Fanning whilst fearing he’s losing her to big time movie types in the forms of Law and Schreiber, as he himself is equally distracted by an excellent Gomez.

It’s a slight tale but a very winning one, that finds Allen firmly entrenched on home turf, not just in the city he loves and romanticises, but in the very nature and questions of romance itself.

Although some of his cast members have subsequently come out and stated they would never work with the man again in the light of long disproved allegations, everyone delivers note perfect performances (always an Allen trait), none more so than Cherry Jones as Chalamet’s mother.

This may not be vintage Woody – but it long overdue new Woody. And we here at Last Word have a woody for new Woody.




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