Posted Feb 11 2019

Last Word Live Blogs The BAFTAs 2019

So here we are again – The Royal Albert Hall. Joanna Lumley in her sophomore outing. And once again they’ve decided to let Cirque de Soleil (incongruously) open the show. Oh well. Oh yeah, and the w-fi is crap here so this may be more intermittent that we’d like. But keep hitting refresh anyway.

You ready? Let’s go!

Joanna is as classy and gorgeous as ever (you still would, be honest!), even with gags that sound scripted more than off the cuff -and she's no Billy Crystal. She obviously works better being referential rather than subversive – which works for all - she said “Rhapsody” – a clue, perhaps? And host jokes. About that other lot, still to come…”And The BAFFTA foes to…” next year. Spike Lee gets a huge shout out – and why shouldn’t he? Nicely done, missus.

 And the first award of the night is – Outstanding British Film – and the Outstanding British  Film is being – weirdly – presented by Melissa McCarthy. If it goes to The Favourite – the whole game is off…and it does indeed go to The Favourite. Now we’re confused…is Roma on for the biggie???

Mary J Blige and Ellen Page show up to plug their new show and give Best Supporting Actress to…Rachel Weisz!! And we thought her and Emma were going to cancel each other out – still that makes two for The Fave (as every one’s now calling it.)

Regina King hands out the EE Rising Star Award (as voted for by the public) to Letitia Wright – as we said. And well deserved.  

Now here were come to Adapted Screenplay – and the cast of Roma are here to deliver. It’s Spike’s, right? Well…about FUCKING TIME! Spike Lee should have so, so many awards by now…didn’t make a great speech though…

 And then Andy Serkis and Danai Guria show up for Best Music and A Star is Born beats Mary Poppins into submission on the musical side. Well, I guess they had to give it something…

 And for Original Screenplay we have the Widows that are Elizabeth Debecki and Michelle Rodrigues. And the BAFTA goes to…The Fave – as we’re still calling it!

Supporting Actor and it’s Viola Davis’ time at the mic and after some platitudes she gives it to – no, not Richard E Grant, but the highly deserved Mahershala Ali. Can’t argue with that. Short and sweet.

Will Poulter and Michelle Yeoh show up for the Alfonso Award, sorry, Cinematography – and he so does! Classy man – name checks all the right people

And then we hit In Memorium – Albert Finney included.

Mrs Maisel and Riz Ahmed just showed up to present the award for Best Brit Breakthrough – and it goes to Beast. Bit like we said.

Rocketmen are in the room – Jamie Bell, Taron Egerton and Richard Madden are here to give The Avengers their award – and they do…not – it goes to the other Marvel movie, Black Panther, which by the way is not ”Revolutionary” as they keep saying. Spike Lee was “Revolutionary” – please see above.

t’s good to know that as the UK prepares to Brexit, it can still acknowledge films made in a whole other language. And the one they’ve acknowledged the most this year is Roma, as well they should. But it does beggar the question – is The Fave going to be a double winner. Or is this?

Cossies time – Eddie Marsan and Carmen Ejego are on hand to do the honours. Love him, hug him, squeeze him but don’t associate Eddie Marsan with a decent suit – but, as we predicted, it goes to the brilliant Sandy Powell for – what we’re now all calling -  The Fave. Yorgos is “quite Bonkers” apparently – but we all knew that.

And Alfonso is back for Best Director – via Salma Hayek. But let’s be honest with ourselves, we kinda knew that! Netflix will sleep well tonight.

Margot Robbie has sleeves that just look so impractical! As she presents Best Actor to…Rami Malek. Apparently, he told his mum he just killed a man…didn’t mention that in his speech. Mentioned Dexter Fletcher – good man.

Gary Churchill, sorry, Oldman is on hand to hand out the gong to no, not Glenn Close but the National Treasure that is Olivia Colman. And we said she’d give a great speech…and yes, she did. “We’re gonna get so pissed later” – love that woman.

And then Chewi shows up to the strains of Arcade Fire to announce Best Film – which is – Roma. So they went the other way. God, they’re a conservative bunch. But still nothing wrong with that – will be interesting to see if this has the influence it wants to have on the Oscars. Either way, Netflix will sleep well tonight - although curiously Alfonso forgot to thank them in his speech.

(Roma also landed Film Not In The English Language, whilst The Fave also took Production Design, Make Up and Hair, (as we rightly said), Bo Rap got some love for Sound, Spider-Verse won Best Animated, Vice got something – Editing, whilst Free Solo took the Doc award.)

And then the once and future king showed up to introduce Cate Blanchett – in a BIG necklace - to introduce Marty to introduce Thelma Schoonmaker – who, as we all know, is a genius. And everyone stood up – as well they should.

See you next year


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