Posted Nov 01 2018

The Guilty - This Movie Rocks

Dir: Gustav Moller

Starring Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawl, Jacob Lohmann

Set entirely in an emergency services call centre, this gripping slice of Scnadi-Noir is sort of like 911 (without Connie Britton) – but a million times better. Focusing – literally as his face fills the screen for nearly the entire running time – on officer Asger Holm, a cop reluctantly doing desk duty whilst pending an investigation into his involvement in a shooting, Moller’s film manages to build the tension admirably, as Asger, at first resentful and disinterested in his role, becomes embroiled in trying to save a kidnapped woman.

As the reluctant cop rediscovering his drive and passion for the work, and trying everything he can think of to provide the right result, Cedergren is outstanding, initially unsympathetic but soon dragging the viewer along with him as the turmoil builds. It’s more or less a one-man show here, save for the writer-director’s strong sense of place and atmosphere building.

It’s a small film but high on edge of the seat nail biting and, ultimately, emotion, to the point when the twist comes, it comes with a gut punch. Very impressive.


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