Posted Nov 02 2018

Is Shakespeare Out Of Love About To Upset The Oscar Cart?

Just when you think all the runners and riders for this year’s awards season have made themselves known – bloody Shakespeare shows up! It turns out that in between twirling his moustache as Hercule Poirot in last year’s Murder On The Orient Express and next year’s Death On The Nile, Kenneth Branagh found time to direct All Is True. In it, he plays William Shakespeare, returning home to Stratford Upon Avon in his final days to reunite with his wife Anne Hathaway, played by Judi Dench. Ian McKellan is also on board as the Earl of Southampton.

Until Sony announced its acquisition of the movie earlier this week, All Is Truel was decidedly under the radar, but now the studio plan to release it this December for an awards season qualifying run.

Curiously, the film was scripted by British stand up and comedy writer Ben Elton, who has for the last three years been penning Upstart Crow, a BBC sitcom about the life of none other than a certain William Shakespeare. Guess he had enough research material left over to start taking things seriously.


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