Posted Jan 16 2019

Song Of The Week - The Killers - Land Of The Free

Amidst the longest running government shutdown in history, and with the President responding by ordering a 1,000 Big Macs to deal with the crisis, Spike Lee has taken time out form his own campaign trail to direct a video (although he calls it a short film) for The Killers’ latest single.

The band unexpectedly dropped Land Of The Free – complete with Lee’s edited footage relating to Trump and his wall(s) this week. Lee explained it thus - “Brandon Flowers called me up. He saw BlacKkKlansman, said he loved it. It’s a great protest song. He said, ‘What can you do with this?’"

Lee then added, in regard to very current political events - “Again, it’s about what’s happening. Over 800,000 Americans are on their fourth week of not receiving a check. People are hurting. It’s like, I remember growing up. The little kid on the block in Brooklyn, ‘Alright, if you don’t let me play, I’m taking my ball home.’ Like, take your ass home. Take your little sorry ass home. We don’t give a fuck! We’ll chip in and buy our own ball.”

Hit “Play” already. Damn!

(And if you haven’t seen BlacKKKlansman yet – why the hell not?)


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