Posted Feb 01 2019

Song Of The Week - Loudon Wainwright III - You Don't Want To Know

In light of polar vortexes and, you know, snow and shit, we thought it was time for a bit of LWIII to warm your cockles. This song was written back in the late ‘80s when Loudon had decamped from Greenwich Village in New York to West Hampstead in London – so a harsh winter shouldn’t have come as a shock to him. Back then, some of us here at Last Word were friends with the great man and were grateful for his proximity. He wrote this song as part of his stint on a BBC Jasper Carrott show where he was essentially hired to write a topical “Song Of The Week” – bit like this. (He later did the same thing for National Public Radio when he re-patriated to the States, which begat Social Studies, one of his finest albums – download now!!) We were at some of the Carrot recordings and the man delivered gems like this one – but also came up with what he himself admits was probably the worst song he ever wrote, an ode to Superbowl Sunday – which is also just about to be upon us.

This however is pure driven snow/gold.

Hit play already! Damn!


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