Posted Jan 15 2019

Mission - Very Much Possible. Twice!

How much longer can Tom Cruise keep on running? No seriously. Last year’s brilliant Mission Impossible Fallout saw the man reaching all-new career heights of punishing himself. And providing the film with the sight of its finest spectacle – a middle aged man running for his life. He was 56 then – and now it looks like he’s going to be 60 when Ethan Hunt finally comes to realise he’s human just like the rest of us.

For Cruise’s now long-time colaborator Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write and direct the next two Mission Impossible movies (that’s 7 & 8 to me and you) – back to back! Just how many ankles has the man left to break??!!

Anyway, given the ageing process, Tom can’t make too many more of these movies (really wouldn’t be the same seeing Simon Pegg running over the roof tops of London), so we can only presume McQuarrie and Cruise have every intention of going out with a helluva bang. After Fallout, we for one can’t wait.

MI7 is now due summer 2021 followed by (the supposedly connected) MI8 in summer 2022.


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