Posted Jan 15 2019

How Much More Marvel Can We Take?

The long-awaited first look at Tom Holland’s second all-out Spider-Man movie has finally arrived – and one thing we’ve learned – at least one person survives Endgame. And then goes to Europe for a break.

Favreua’s Happy Hogan now seems more than a little interested in Tomei’s Aunt May – although his boss is noticeable by his absence (so, not everyone survives Endgame?)

Spidey and his John Hughes-irregulars hit London, Venice and Jake Gyllenhaals’ Mysterio – but whose side he is on?

Looks utterly fab (even if the poster sucks a bit) – but aren’t we just coming to expect that from Marvel every time now? (Watch out for the blasé.)

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Spider Man’s Summer Holiday begins July 5


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