Posted Jan 31 2019

And In Superhero News Today...Affleck Out; Gunn In

Warner Bros has finally confirmed a release date for Matt Reeves standalone The Batman – June 25 2021 BTW – and, more significantly, finally dropped the other shoe and confirmed that Ben Affleck will no longer be playing Bruce Wayne/Bats. Rumours have it they are going younger – although both Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm (great choice!) have been mooted in recent months of speculation. Reeves is currently taking another pass at his script which recasts Batman in a distinctly noir light, with the emphasis on his abilities as “the world’s greatest detective” rather than all “those wonderful toys.” Filming in expected to begin this November (please, not Kit Harrington!)

Elsewhere in the jumbled DC universe, James Gunn is now officially gearing up to take over the reins of the Suicide Squad follow up. He’s already penned the script and is now just working out his deal to direct – the final nail in the coffin of his former relationship with Marvel.

It is at present titled The Suicide Squad, which indicates that DC’s latest game plan, after their botched attempt at a MCU-style shared universe, is to place a definite article in front of all their future franchises (we have THE Joker coming later this year lest ye forget.) Well, at least this time they appear to have a plan…

THE Suicide Squad opens two months after THE Batman in August 2021


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