Posted Jan 26 2020

Bambi - Next In The Firing Line

The Disney “Remake And Ruin All Our Childhoods” ™ machine rolls on regardless – although following the recent all-animated but photorealistic Lion King, calling these “live action” remakes of carton classics is now something of a misnomer.

The latest to fall under the financially rewarding hammer is probably the most traumatic film of everyone’s younger years, Bambi. We’re hoping they go with the tag-line “You’ll Believe Your Mum Can Die” – cuts to the chase – you can have that one on us, Disney.

In only slightly related news, Robert Zemeckis has confirmed he will direct their “live action” remake of Pinocchio – here’s hoping he really embraces the donkey-boy scene! (And Jiminy Cricket isn’t played by Will Smith!)



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