Posted May 03 2019

Long Shot - This Movie Rocks The Rom And The Com Both

Dir: Jonathan Levine

Starring Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, Andy Serkis, O’Shea Jackson Jr, Bob Odenkirk, Alexander Skarsgard, June Diane Raphael

From lines like “You were fucked like a stepmom on pornhub” to Boyz II Men yelling ”We have a cracker down” as Seth Rogen hits the floors, there is little doubt that Long Shot is a funny movie.

But going in, the big question is could a totally hot Madam Secretary (don’t worry, it’s ok to say that – they discuss it in the film) ever really fall for a schlubby ordinary Joe like Seth.

And the answer is – thankfully – of course, the man’s adorable.

Even more here than he usually is.

Theron is the Secretary of State about to embark on a bid to become the first female president of the US, endorsed by the current leader (beautifully played by Odenkirk) a former TV star tuned ineffectual world leader – where do they get their ideas? Rogen, meanwhile, is the idealistic journalistic hired to punch up Theron’s speeches, who also happens to be someone she used to babysit many years before. Romance – and unwanted boners and cum shots – then begin to rear their heads in this decidedly modern romcom. And a full-on romcom it very definitely is – you just know Richard Curtis is going to love the shit out of this!

And it works because of its understanding of the form, its two fantastic leads – Theron getting to strut her funny bone and Rogen getting to play at his most vulnerable and winning, and for the fact that Levine gets that the romance has to feel real, has to resonate beyond the obvious. And he pulls that off with great aplomb.

Somewhere in the middle you get a strong turn from an almost unrecognisable Serkis and able support from Jackson Jr, a little bit of politics and a great swathe of charm.

Plus, with The Cure, Springsteen and – YES! – that Roxette moment on the soundtrack, you know you’re onto a winner. Chuck in a Phil Spector-themed “airport run” and ending with the blessed Robyn and Dancing On My Own- this is near perfect.


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