Posted Jun 05 2019

Scorsese Meets Dylan Again - Thunder Rolls

Martin Scorsese last teamed up with Bob Dylan for the brilliant No Direction Home doc. Now he’s capturing Dylan’s legendary 1975 Rolling Thunder tour, in which Dylan got a whole bunch of like-minded folk together – from Joan Baez to Sam Shepherd to Allan Ginsberg to Roger McGuinn – and barnstormed their way across America, often cropping up in small towns, unannounced. For Dylan, it was a means of rejuvenating his muse, his love of the road and his own art, following a long hiatus and an arena tour with The Band the previous year, that left him as empty as the hollow arenas they were selling out.

Scorsese has been putting this together for a number of years now, the result being billed as part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream. Here’s what Netflix have to say about it -

"ROLLING THUNDER REVUE: A BOB DYLAN STORY BY MARTIN SCORSESE captures the troubled spirit of America in 1975, and the joyous music that Bob Dylan performed that fall. Master filmmaker Martin Scorsese creates a one-of-a-kind movie experience: part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream. Featuring Joan Baez, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Sam Shepard, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan giving his first on-camera interview in over a decade. The film goes beyond mere reclamation of Dylan’s extraordinary music—it’s a roadmap into the wild country of artistic self-reinvention."

We here at LastWord are lucky enough to be catching an early BAFTA screening of the movie this Friday – and yes, we’re excited. Here’s a cool poster and a storming trailer to whet your appetite -


The Rolling Thunder Review hits Netflix and limited theatrical release from June 12



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