Posted Oct 18 2019

Riddle Me This - Hill Out, Dano In

With news earlier this week that Zoe Kravitz has been cast as Catwoman, Matt Reeves’ Robert Pattinson-led The Batman has moved things up a notch or two. Yesterday came word that Jonah Hill is out of contention to play either the Riddler or the Penguin (presumably both are showing up in the movie) – and now comes the announcement that Paul Dano is to play the former. Which we think is great casting!

Dano’s Riddler has big shoes to fill though – and we’re talking Frank Gorshin’s more than Jim Carrey’s.

Now, who can they get for the Joker? Wonder what Joaquin Phoenix is doing?? (Unlikely, we know – but you can dream…)

Pattinson referred to Batman earlier this week as “a dope character.” Oh, these posh English boys!

The Batman opens June 2021



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