Posted Jan 20 2017

You Say Courgette, We Say Zucchini

Claude Barras' delightful My Life As A Courgette has undergone a name change to My Life As A Zuccini for its dubbed US release, adding the vocal stylings of Will Forte, Ellen Page, Nick Offerman and Amy Sedaris. We were lucky enough to catch its original language screening back at the LFF last October (La La Land was full). Here's what we had to say about it then -

"Beautifully animated, and movingly told, Barras’ film is a slim feature, but a very rewarding one. A nine year-old boy who likes to be known as “Courgette” may well have accidentally killed his abusive alcoholic mother, and finds himself shipped off to an orphanage. Here, despite the best intentions of the staff, he is initially bullied but soon finds the semblance of a home – something that is aided by a kindly policeman and the arrival of a young girl who sparks the beginnings of romance in his world.

Filled with gorgeously designed and executed stop motion work, Barras brings his characters to life with soulful eyes and enthralling expression. Courgette’s life is easy to empathise with, and makes you wish for a happy ending. Strong on character and visual aplomb, this is a small scale (in every sense) delight."


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