Posted Sep 17 2016

We're Lovin' It! Will Uncle Oscar?

The big question remains – given the controversy surrounding Nate Parker and his Birth Of A Nation, will Jeff Nichols’ Loving be the true-life racially-themed movie that swoops in to assuage all the #OscarsSoWhite worrywarts? If it does, we hope it does so on its own merits, and not by default. Which given the strength of its trailers to date, and Nichols’ near-perfect track record, is looking pretty likely. Ruth Negga is the one who has drawn the raves after early festival outings, but from what we’re seeing here we’re liking Joel Edgerton more and more – and he’s sometimes a hard actor to like. Oh yeah, he of the oblong face shows up in this one as well.

Loving hits November 4 – you know by now – awards season time.


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