Posted Oct 26 2016

Incredibles - In. Toy Story - Out

For all of you out there expecting your Toy Story 4 in 2018 and your Incredibles II in 2019 – it’s time to reverse your way of thinking! The mighty Pixar today announced that the two titles have flip-flopped, with the return of the Incredibles family now taking Woody and Buzz’s slot of June 15 2018, and our friends the toys now moving into the formerly incredible release date that is June 21 2019.

What this likely means is that the brain trust at Pixar hasn’t quite nailed down that fourth Toy Story story just yet. But the returning Brad Bird and his super heroic family are on and ready to bring us probably the most eagerly desired Pixar sequel to date.

And even if TS4 is experiencing some teething troubles – not to worry. This is how they roll, and in Pixar we trust.


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