Posted Jan 31 2017

Gold - This Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: Stephen Gaghan

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramirez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Corey Stoll, Toby Kebbell

Matthew McConaughey bores for gold in his latest non-animated movie – and sadly bores his audience as well. In recent roles such as his Oscar winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club, the actor may well have lost weight to reinvent himself away from the romcom (his own self-styled “McConaissance”) but you never watched him for the weight loss. You watched him for the performance. Here director Gaghan appears so concerned with his on screen transformation – he got fat, lost his hair – that he seems intent on reminding you of its sincerity. If you can spot a single scene in the whole of this movie’s running time in which McConaughey isn’t (literally) pouring with sweat, smoking or drinking heavily (i.e. “dong his acting”), then you were paying more attention that we were by the end.

Based on an approximated true-life 1990s tale of avarice and corporate scheming, our Matt is a gold prospector who dreams (literally – he wakes up one morning…) of a major strike in Indonesia, finds backing, goes there, gets malaria and hits pay dirt (or, presumably, gold.) Only to find the dealings over his big strike back Stateside far more convoluted and disheartening that looking for gold in the first place. All that glitters and all that.

Gold as a film is mishandled by its director and let down by it star for the most part. It intrigues at times but labours its points to the point of out staying its welcome. Ironically, a somewhat unexpected shift in both tone and direction in the third act threatens to perk thing sup no end. But by then the seam of good will from those watching has run dry. Chalk this one up as an empty strike.

Gold UK exclusive poster


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