Posted Jun 01 2017

Song Of The Week - The Beatles - A Day In The Life

It was 50 years ago today – not last week when they released Giles Martin’s brilliant, robust, fresh as a daisy remix – that Sgt Pepper did indeed tell the band to play. They’ve never been out of style, always raise a smile and so on. It was June 1st 1967 that saw the release of The Beatles’ most prominent album, and so this is the day we should celebrate. And no, not June 3rd when it was released in the US. Can you imagine if they’d had the internet in 1967? Just how much would this have been bootlegged and YouTubed over the course of that two day delay? Probably can’t count that high.

Anyway, many magazine, newspapers and TV pundits are going on and on about Sgt Pepper being the greatest album ever made. It isn’t. It isn’t even the greatest album The Beatles ever made – that’s obviously Revolver (although Abbey Road has a shot, as does Rubber Soul, or The White Album – oh, shut up!)

One thing that is undeniable however is that, having let McCartney take most of the creative reigns for the album that defined – well, the album – Lennon showed up right at the end to provide the record’s defining moment. Hell, it may well be The Beatles’ defining moment.

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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