Posted Oct 31 2016

Song Of The Week - Bonus Track - Aimee Mann - Can't You Tell?

With just 8 days to go, one of the few good things to have come out of the impending US Presidential Election is Dave Eggers’ “30 Days 30 Songs” Playlist (recently upped to 40 Songs.) Described as a playlist for “a Trump-free America”, noted author Eggers has got together a diverse group of like-minded artists, from Death Cab To Cutie, to Franz Ferdinand to REM to Moby with various choirs – Loudon Wainwright’s I Had A Dream has just been added - to donate new or previously unheard but relevant material to at least try and influence the vote.

Our fave to date is by the great, great Aimee Mann. You’ve got to love a song about The Donald whose chorus is “I don’t want this job/I can’t do this job/My God/Can’t you tell?/I’m unwell…” This is everything proper protest music should be – witty, acerbic, smart – and catchy as all hell. Ms. Mann has always had a McCartney-level facility for melody and, as much as we admire the sentiment here, Can’t You Tell? just reminds how much we miss hearing her gorgeous voice and brilliant tunes.

Come on Aimee – hurry up with that next album. We’ve been very patient – now get a wiggle on, love.

To check out all the songs – so far – go to

(we’ll probably be featuring a couple more in the coming days – as things get serious.)

Oh, and don’t forget to vote!


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