Posted Jul 27 2017

The Incredible Jessica James - This Movie Netflix Rocks

Dir: Jim Strouse

Starring Jessica Williams, Chris O'Dowd, Lakeith Stanfield, Noel Wells

"The Incredible Jessica James is pretty much your standard old-fashioned rom-com, with an added contemporary edge, and some really solid, fresh casting.

Former Daily Show contributor Williams is the titular Jessica, an aspiring playwright cum drama teacher of kids, in love with the theatre, and also still with her old boyfriend (Stanfield), who recently dumped her. So when a friend hooks her up with charming app designer (and occasional wind surfer) Boone (O’Dowd) she is not prepared for the relationship that slowly starts to come together between them. As is the way of all things rom-com, there is plenty of witty dialogue to be spoken, romantic moments to be conveyed, life lessons to be learned, and, naturally, things do not always run smooth. (Although airport runs are noticeably absent here – good thing too.)

Strouse brings a fresh eye as well as an urban neighbourhood setting to the genre, with a script that is familiar in form but more contemporary and progressive in attitude than many. Williams impresses, even managing to make her character's eulogising over the nature of theatre believable, and she works extremely well with the children she teaches. Chris O’Dowd, meanwhile, is on hand to posit the question – how could anyone not fall in love with Chris O’Dowd?

The Incredible Jessica James hits Netflix from tomorrow, July 28 (or possibly today, if you're reading this tomorrow...which of course will then be know...)


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