Posted Oct 12 2016

Blood Father - This Movie Exploitation Rocks

Dir: Jean-Francois Richet

Satrring Mel Gibson, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna, Michael Parks, William H Macy

After years in the post sugar tits wilderness, Mel Gibson is well and truly back. And on the strength of his two latest movies, the man is well and truly welcome. His upcoming return to the director’s chair, Hacksaw Ridge, is a remarkable piece of war movie making. And this, his return to life in front of the camera, is almost as blistering.

Here we get grizzled, gruff, loner Mel, an ex con recovering alcoholic with a trailer park tattoo business and a missing daughter. When said runaway child (a fine Moriarty) gets herself in a bit of bother, she turns up on daddy’s desert doorstep and trouble – in the form of Luna and his drug buddies – comes a calling. Quicker than you can say he’s a father with a unique sets of skills, Gibson is not only violating his parole, but bitching and moaning about doing so.

Richet’s film is a pure exploitation throwback, short and mean with it. Brutal as it needs to be, it sees Mel of the anti-Semitic rants taking on neo Nazis amongst many others. Some form of redemption for the one time major player? No, not really. Blood Father is more concerned with letting the former Mad-man display what he has always done so well on screen. This is Mel crossing lines, blurring moral edges and raising all sorts of hell. It is a terrific performance, and one that shouldn’t be undervalued by virtue of it cropping up in a straightforward genre piece.

The best comeback performance of the year. Hell, one the best performances of the year, full stop.



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