Posted Jan 07 2017

Peter Cushing Is Alive??!! How Did They Do That?!

OK, so by now, even if you haven’t yet seen it (and you should have) we’re pretty sure you all know that Rogue One not only features a young version of the late Carrie Fisher, but a just-as-he-looked-back-then version of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin – a great achievement given the fact that Cushing has been dead for over twenty years.

Some have complained on ethical grounds, some have argued he falls into that uncanny valley – we thought he looked bloody good for his age and – ethics be damned – its was great to see him in such a pivotal role. (Had he shown up in an advert for, say, drainage unblockers, we might not have been so keen.)

Irrespective of where you stand on this, it is in its own way yet another major leap in what ILM and their imitators can now do on film. ABC’s Nightline took us behind the scenes to show just how it was done. Watch, learn and, possibly, see the future of cinema.


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