Posted Dec 31 2016

Song Of The Year - Number 4 - Sing Street - Drive It Like You Stole It

Yes, we know we only just ran this (belatedly) as Song of the Week, but this was the best song this year, written specifically for a movie. A movie that we loved by the way (see our “Last Word On 2016” - coming soon.) Justin Timberlake had a shot at the title with the sublime Can’t Stop the Felling, but now that song is forever linked in our skulls to those God-awful Trolls, so this is one award he won’t be putting on his mantle any time soon.

This was the standout number from John Carney’s standout film all about a boy who forms a band all because he fancies a girl. As we’ve said before – is there ever a better reason to form a band? This film, and this song, capture the joy of youth, the invulnerability of naivety, has a great lost '80s vibe, plus handclaps (always a good thing), and just simply has a great title.


Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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