Posted Oct 21 2016

Song Of The Week - Loudon Wainwright III - I Knew Your Mother

More or less the entire office here at lastword are on a trip this evening – nay, a pilgrimage – to worship at the feet of the great Loudon Wainwright III, as he plays the London Palladium. In the interests of transparency, it’s not our first time, but it has been a few years. So we expect great things from the man who is, simply one of the best (and still most undervalued) songwriters of the last half century or so. And a remarkable live performer to boot. With Dylan having just nabbed the Nobel – surely Loudo is a shoo-in for next year??

To get us in the mood – and for all of you out there who sadly won’t be joining us tonight – here he is from last week’s Later with Jools Holland, singing one of his finest, and loveliest, songs of recent times.

(And if you’ve forgotten the movie connection – the man has acted for Scorsese, Burton, Apatow, Crowe, opposite De Niro, popped up on Parks & Rec and sung on MASH. But you knew all that…)


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