Posted Jan 27 2017

Sing - This Singing Contest Movie Rocks

Dir: Garth Jennings

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Seth MacFarlane, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Saunders, Tori Kelly, Nick Offerman

It’s been nearly a full decade since Garth Jennings graced us with his splendid Son Of Rambow. In the interim the man has gone all animated, and now returns with what could be looked on a an animal-heavy X Factor of a movie. Thankfully though, Sing has a good deal more charm on offer than any such Simon Cowell soul-destroying “talent” juggernaut.

McCanaughey (if anything too recognisable vocally) is the chlamydia-riddled koala (they all are – look it up!) Buster Moon, determined to keep his father’s dream of a theatre alive by staging a singing competition. That’s about it really, plot-wise, and if the film has one significant failing it’s the fact that it struggles to be more than a series of sketches, only loosely connected. But, as stated above, it does run a strong suit in charm.

Jennings effectively opens his movie with great verve, rapidly introducing all his key players and their world (basically a fully functional version of  Zootopia minus the social satire.) As these things often are in real life, it’s the auditions that provide the best laughs, as the film builds to its inevitable “Hey, let’s put the show on right here!” finale.

All the main performances are solid, with no particular stand outs – although Taron Egerton does display a fine, previously under wraps set of pipes, and Seth MacFarlane proves he can still be irritating, even when playing a mouse.

But there’s no denying the film is fun and entertaining, and, even if it doesn’t mark any form of major leap forward in the world of the animated movie, it builds to a very winning final act.


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