Posted May 26 2017

Song Of The Week - Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Yes, we know we’ve been very lax of late. Haven’t had a Song Of The Week for, well, several weeks. We could argue that since the last one, we haven’t been listening to anything but Aimee Mann’s new album. Or that the recent office move proved more problematic than we’d expected. Or we simply forgot it was “a thing” that “we do.”

Really there is no good excuse. So to make up for it, the regular feature is back with an all-time stone classic. Mike Birbiglia’s current movie Don’t Think Twice takes its title in part from this early Dylan number. It’s one of the best films you can see at the moment. Which is appropriate – because Hit “Play” already, damn! – and this may well be the best thing you’ll hear all day. This is Dylan in all his amphetamined-up 1965 glory. Did we say hit “play” already? Damn!


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