Posted Nov 07 2016

The Accountant - This Movie Botches The Rocks

Dir: Gavin O'Connor

Starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal, J K Simmons, John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor

Ben Affleck is an accountant, a mathematics savant, a launderer of books for the dodgiest of companies – oh, and he’s autistic. Quite a lot for one man to take on. But Affleck does it all stoically. Or, shall we put in another way? – dully. For all its high concept shenanigans (and desire to build a possible franchise) The Accountant is a muddled film, to point of being something of a mess. An occasionally entertaining one. But a mess nonetheless.

And what a cast it wastes – Jeffrey Tambor shows up only briefly, whilst Lithgow is left to seemingly reprise the excess of his Raising Cain days. J K Simmons meanwhile seems to be merely plugging holes in the background, when suddenly he relocates to the foreground, is handed what feels like twenty minutes of voice over Basil Exposition which – literally – ties every single ridiculously disparate plot point together in one neat little bow.

The always wonderful Kendrick – also playing an accountant but, you know, the non autistic, non murderous kind – shows up for a while and is generally wasted. Not that she should be worried – she falls asleep on the couch half an hour from the end and misses the movie’s entire climax. Which is by far and away it’s daftest moment, with a twist that has WTF writ large all over it.

Big, silly, and yet never really satisfying. Back to the Bat Ben (or at the very least, Live By Night.)


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