Posted Aug 18 2017

An Inconvenient Sequel Truth To Power - This Movie Climate Rocks

Dir: Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk

Starring Al Gore, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Barack Obama, Vladamir Putin, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeux (boy, what a cast!)

Al Gore himself was at the screening Last Word attended for this climate change doc last night. Strange to think just how different the world might be today if those chads hadn’t hung a few years back.

But An Inconvenient Sequel is not about how the world might have been. It’s a stark look at where the world is right now. And where it could be in the not too distant future.

It’s also a film, to a certain degree, uncertain of where its focus fully lies. In short, is it a film about climate change? Or is it a profile of that movement’s greatest exponent, Mr Gore himself? Truth (to power) be told, the two are inseparable in many ways, and that provides the film with both its drive and its occasional weaknesses.

There is a certain amount of powerful footage of the state of the world as ice caps melt before our eyes. But the real power lies in Gore’s rhetoric as he lectures to new recruits to the cause and visits disaster areas in Florida and beyond. He’s a terrific speaker, erudite and convincing, impassioned but also clear of thought. It’s something the directors fully realise and know how to capture, focusing a good deal of their film on the man away from the stage, as he now travels the world attempting to spread the word. In that sense the film wisely never becomes a didactic exercise, more an on-going open discussion. A discussion that reaches quite a terrifying climax. The movie was originally set to climax with the success (much of it down to Gore’s campaigning and lobbying over the years) of the Paris climate accord. But the filmmakers found themselves forced to add scenes and re-edit with the recent announcement of Trump’s withdrawal of America from that historic agreement. Thus a film that could’ve almost had a feel good ending that quickly stripped it of its immediacy and relevance, is frighteningly brought back into sharp relief.

Despite all its focus on global warming, this is ultimately chilling stuff.


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