Posted Jan 20 2017

Song Of The Week - The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

Creation Records’ other difficult brother-based combo, The Jesus and Mary Chain are often dismissed as noise-merchants. But, truth be told, the sense of melody that nearly always lurked beneath the squall of their effects pedals produced some of the finest British pop music of the 1980s and ‘90s. The brothers Reid – Jim and William – haven’t produced a new album in 19 years, something that it is to be rectified with the highly anticipated release of next month’s Damage And Joy.

Despite the almost two decade long gap, the boys’ reputation has simply grown in stature – often imitated, never bettered, something Sofia Coppola knew when she chose to score the mysteriously beautiful climax of her mysteriously beautiful Lost In Translation to the sublime tones of Just Like Honey. It’s like Phil Spector’s Ronettes shagged a late-night Velvet Underground and turned it all up to the quietest 11 you could ever imagine. In other words, perfect.

(Even once got name checked by a psychopath on Coronation Street - how that's for infiltrating the mainstream?)

Hit “Play” already, damn!


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