Posted Feb 22 2017

Netflix Are Getting Into The Marty Business

Scorsese and De Niro (you remember – Marty’s muse before Leo muscled in) have been talking about collaborating for the first time since 1995’s Casino ever since Charles Brandt’s true-life mob memoir, I Heard You Paint Houses, was published back in 2008. Along the way they even managed to lure fellow GoodFella Joe Pesci out of his self-imposed retirement, and secured the services of Al Pacino, who would be making his Scorsese debut.

But the picture kept getting delayed, either through work on the script, a spiralling budget, or Marty’s compulsion to realise his Silence.

Now with Silence having failed all round, it seems Marty is keen to get back in the gangster business. There was one small problem however, with the need to use VFX to de-age the increasingly aged cast, the movie’s budget has reportedly swelled to the tune of $150 million (that’s Great Wall size – and look how that turned out.)

But never fear, Netflix is here! After numerous attempts at co-packing the movie around the world, the streaming giant has just offered to pick up the tab for what will be the company's most high profile prestige picture to date. (Suck on that Adam Sandler!)

With an Oscar qualifying theatrical run in mind, the film, now known as The Irishman - after De Niro’s central character, Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran (no relation to Ed) – is eying an Oscar qualifying run in late 2018 before heading to a screen near you.


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