Posted Feb 26 2017

Best - This Footballer Rocked

Dir: Daniel Gordon

Starring George Best, some other footballers, some women

There’s a moment in Daniel Gordon’s new George Best doc where Best himself – in off camera archive – recalls how good it feels to be at the top of your game, totally in command of your God-given talent, whether you be an actor, a sportsman or a cabinet maker. And that is what this film captures so well - Best at his Best.

For many, still the greatest footballer who ever played the game, this well-meant portrait is at its best (sorry, not intended) when reminding us of the man’s abilities. There are two goals alone here which will stagger you, and plenty of on field antics to remind you these weren’t flukes.

Of course, it’s the off-field antics that also play into the legend. And while Gordon does deal with this, it's never in a salacious way. More importantly, it captures the sheer sadness of Best’s incredible fall.

But even whilst doing that, it never fails to remind you of his incredible talent.

The film itself may be straightforward, with a mix of archive footage and audio recordings alongside a decent selection of ex wives and footie mates talking heads. But whilst its structure is ordinary – its subject stands out as anything but.


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