Posted Mar 17 2017

Personal Shopper - This Off Beat Ghost Story Rocks

Dir: Olivier Assayas

Starring Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz

Kristen Stewart continues her reinvention as an actress of considerable note by reteaming with her Clouds Of Sils Maria director Assayas, for this most peculiar of ghost stories. The artist formerly known as K-Stew is a personal shopper in Paris, who also happens to be a medium (it could happen), struggling with the recent loss of her twin brother, and waiting to hear from him from the other side. Or wherever. All of which makes it hard to determine which is scarier – the rich bitch she buys for, the ghosts she occasionally conjures, or possibly the iPhone stalker she seems to have acquired. Who may well be dead or alive.

As is apparent from the above, Assayas blends a multitude of elements in his film, as it moves from psychological thriller, to genuinely scary horror movie, to contemporary stalker mystery. The changes at times feel abrupt, and would jar were it not for Stewart’s unifying performance that, despite her apparent coldness throughout, thoroughly engages in tandem with said distance.

It all builds to a series of climaxes that are a mix of confounding and satisfying, but, more than anything, suitably enigmatic. It will haunt you for days afterwards.


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