Posted Jul 12 2017

QT Does Charlie

News of Quentin Tarantino’s next project leaked today and, if the man sticks to his word of 10 movies and out, his take on the Charles Manson murders will be his penultimate film.

QT has apparently written a script based around the infamous Manson family killings in the Hollywood Hills of 1969. The Weinsteins are – as ever – backing their golden goose of a boy, who is already talking to the talent. Former Inglorious Bastard Brad Pitt is rumoured to have been approached to play an investigating cop, Jennifer Lawrence has been seen being wined and dined by the great man, and Margot Robbie (great choice) is allegedly being sought to play Sharon Tate, the tragic wife of out-of-town that night Roman Polanski, who was brutally stabbed to death whilst eight months pregnant, by the Manson “family” whilst listening to The Beatles’ White Album (Piggies will never sound the same again.)

More will surely emerge – let’s just hope none of the above (or their “people”) leak the script online or Quentin may just have another hissy fit, a la Hateful 8, and call the whole thing off.

First time the man's tackled real historical events - should be interesting. Expect to see it in 2019 – unless he gets a wiggle on for Christmas 2018 (he did it last time.) Helter Skelter indeed!


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