Posted Nov 24 2016

Bad Santa 2 - All The Cheer Of This Season Couldn't Make This Movie Rock

Dir: Mark Waters

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Christina Hendricks

It’s been 13 years since Billy Bob gave us his Bad Father Christmas. And no, the wait has not been worth it. What was once a deeply damaged, almost satirical take on all things Yule, has simply been retreaded here as the equivalent of the come as you are standard R-rated gross out number. What it lacks is wit, grace, and a certain nimble quality that the original knew how to dance around. This is just potty mouth for the sake of potty mouth. And little more.

The gang are back – Billy Bob, Cox and the – deliberately – odd Kelly as Thurman Merman, a role that now seems to border on the exploitational. Kathy Bates is added to the mix as Bad Mum, but struggles to do her best.

In what is basically a remarkably underwhelming plot – they want to rob a charity – Bad Santa 2 barely fights to retain any level of momentum. Or even interest. Billy Bob wouldn’t be Billy Bob if one or two of the lines didn’t hit – but even he must know just how incredibly lame the script is here – Johnny Rosenthal and Shauna Cross hold your hands up – you are guilty! For something so simplistic, it spends an hour and a half you’ll never get back feeling remarkably convoluted.

Woefully unfulfilling and incredibly crass – but not in the way you want it to be. Just “crass” as in ridiculously wrong, painfully bad. Oh, and unfunny. If this is Christmas - bring on the secular universe. ‘Tis the season to pass this one over.



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