Posted Nov 21 2016

Gimme Danger - This Rock Doc Rocks - Unadventurously

Dir: Jim Jarmusch

Starring Iggy, The Stooges

Given Jarmusch and his obvious abilities, Gimme Danger is a strangely low key look at an anything but low key band. And in a year that has already thrown up definitive docs on both The Beatles and Oasis, it can’t help but come across as a tad tame, disappointing even.

Not that there aren’t things to enjoy – mainly Pop and his recollections. But here the footage assembled is not as riveting as the two aforementioned, in truth there doesn’t seem to be as much of it, and what’s there at times seems synched to separate sound recordings and is often slowed down just to fit.

What the movie does capture is the – (sorry) raw power – of The Stooges, and some great music. But it feels very surface and almost too reverential without raising the more interesting questions. Great to know they wrote to the Three Stooges to ask if they minded them using a similar name – but Jarmusch needed to unearth more of that kind of thing.


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