Posted Mar 30 2017

The Autopsy of Jane Doe - This Movie Morgue Rocks

Dir: Andrew Ovredal

Starring Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, Opehlia Lovibond

Cox and Hirsch are father and son coroners (it could happen!) The arrival of a unidentified young woman’s body into their basement mortuary one night, leads to not only a gruesome detailed autopsy (this is not one for the faint of stomach) but the unleashing of considerably more in Ovredal’s very impressive horror.

Eschewing the humour of his breakthrough Trollhunter, this is a dark, intense piece of genre filmmaking. It begins with literal forensic detail as Jane Doe is cut open in search of a cause of death. As discoveries inside her body slowly reveal themselves, cause of death becomes the least of these guys’ worries.

Ovredal brilliantly displays how to build tension, from the slow unpeeling of a piece of skin, to the more intense and supernatural elements that ensue. Far and above the standard quiet/BANG approach of much contemporary horror, this is a film that gets under the skin (pun intended) of its characters’ fear, and ratchets it up with expertise.

Inevitably, the need for Basil Exposition to crop up in the third act dulls the impact more than you’d like, but the film still has a few surprises to reveal. One of the better horror movies of recent memory. You will jump – but you will jump for all the right reasons.


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