Posted Jul 01 2017

The House - This Roll Of The Dice Movie Does Not Rock. Big Time!

Dir: Andrew Jay Cohen

Starring Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler , Jason Mantzoukas, Jeremy Renner, Ryan Simpkins

From the team that brought you Neighbours 1 & 2, this is another tale of suburban parents gone wild, but The House deeply lacks whatever moments of wit those Seth Rogan movies managed.

Here we have a mirth-free Ferrell and Poehler (two performers who really deserve so much more than what they’re offered in this) desperate to find a way to pay for their daughter’s college education. So they open a casino in their friend’s house – which somehow becomes a cash cow, even though it’s only their friends and neighbours who show up, even though it’s a secret from the town, and…oh well. As you can see, it’s a very muddled premise, but don’t worry – it’s delivery (from first time director Cohen) is equally muddled. Possibly more so.

And it’s painfully unfunny. Just about every gag – bar a brief almost random appearance from Jeremy Renner which surprisingly raises a smile – dies on its arse. And the cast can do nothing to stop them. Ferrell is literally turning blander and blander before our very eyes. What with this and the recent double whammy of Get Hard and Daddy’s Home, maybe it’s time the man was just put out to pasture. As for Poehler – poor woman! What a waste!

And then to add insult to injury, they play the coward’s card of showing the outtakes over the end titles. Admittedly, they’re not funny either, but at least you get to see some people laughing, even if it is just the cast. (Glad they had a good time at least.)

The House loses all round – abysmal, and unlucky for all those who attend. Indeed, the only thing this House stands any chance of winning is possibly the title of worst film of the year. Definitely in with a shout on that one.



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