Posted May 19 2019

Give Us Back Our Woody, You Bastards!

Just to give this some perspective – two of its stars, Timothee Chalamet and Selena Gomez – have already decried their director Woody Allen, in public comments that can best be described as either “the folly of youth” of just plain “dumb fucking ignorance.”

Whatever the claims made against Allen, exacerbated in all the wrong ways by the #MeToo movement (not a fault of that movement, but again, a knee jerk reaction to it), Woody has been cleared of any criminal acts by two state police departments. And the FBI. And so long ago, why are we still here? Yes, at the heart of these aged allegations there appears to be a mad, possibly abusive mother and a child that has had her life forever damaged by her parenting.

But Amazon’s spineless decision to go with the flow of – misinformed – public opinion, has meant we’ve been waiting a long time for the latest film from the man who is very probably America’s greatest living filmmaker. Not being facile in any way here – just dealing with facts above inflamed rhetoric.

Thus, we finally have a new look at A Rainy Day In New York. Whether it’s one of his best, or one of the middling ones – doesn’t matter. The overwhelming fact is it should be seen. And we’ll be first in the queue. (If it ever opens.)

A Rainy Day In New York opens...who know when, who knows where..?
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