Posted Oct 08 2019

LFF 2019 Preview - Sid & Judy

Dir; Stephen Kijak

Starring Judy Garland, Sidney Luft, Liza Minelli, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Kijak’s film is a timely companion piece to the current Garland biopic, Judy. Focusing on life after Oz and the relationship of the singer and her marriage to producer Sid Luft, the film is a cleverly composited collection of photography, archive vocal recordings, and footage – largely from her later years TV specials.

Its real strength though is the use of extracts from personal diaries and memoirs, read to perfection by Jon Hamm taking the (leading) part of Luft and Jason Leigh as Garland herself. A lot of the movie focuses on her gradual decline and Sid’s attempts to reinvent and reclaim her career via the 1954 remake of A Star Is Born, and her triumphant 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall.

It’s a smartly produced doc that couldn’t be more timely. If you loved Zellwegaer in Judy, do yourself a favour and dig deeper via this.



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