Posted May 30 2019

Godzilla King Of The Monsters - This Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: Michael Dougherty

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Ken Wattanabe, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance, Bradley Whitford, O'Sea Jackson Jr 

Godzilla gears up for his big showdown with Kong next summer, by doing a bit of sparring with some of his old Toho muckers – Mothra, Rhodan and, most aggressively, fellow alpha monster Ghiddorah (the three headed beast, as were.) And the result is – a hell of a jumble really. Dougherty’s movie – a sequel to both 2014’s Godzilla and indirectly to 2017’s Kong Skull Island, begins at a rapid pace, and never lets up – even when you hope and pray it will.

Farmiga and Chandler are the parents of Brown, who lost another child in the big G’s last rampage. Subsequently, he has gone off to become a wildlife photographer and she has become an increasingly mad scientist who has made a recording which entices the increasing amount of former Titans that the deeply shady Monarch company have been digging up in the intervening years. She has also decided to throw her lot in with even shadier Charles Dance, and together their plan is to hand our world back to its original Gods, these “Titans,’ so they can destroy it/us and find the right eco-balance. After all, we have pollution and stuff,  so makes sense, yeah?

No, not really. This is just one of the many dumb elements of a very, very dumb script. Yes, Dougherty wants to immerse his film in the trappings of the B movie, but makes no concession to delivering a good B movie. Instead, we get what feels little more than a non-stop barrage, as Godzilla is dug up (obviously, he’s on our side) to take down various old acquaintances, with radiation breath and wall to wall destruction.

Along the way, poor Millie Bobby Brown, making her leap to the big screen, gets totally wasted, and all the adults in the movie – many of whom are normally very fine actors – are left to deliver lines that you know they can only say by looking at the zeroes on their pay cheques.

It’s a mess of action and explosions, badly plotted and rendered even worse by its director’s inability to let his audience know exactly what is occurring in his action sequences – over edited and under thought seem to be his by-words.

Full of sound and fury and adding up to not very much at all, of the three Monarch Monster-verse movies to date, this is very definitely the third best.

Doesn’t mean though that we’re not looking forward to the Kong-Godzilla smackdown next summer. (We just hope it will be better than this.)



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