Posted Sep 30 2019

LFF 2019 Preview - Rewind

Dir: Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Starring Sasha Joseph Neulinger, His Sister, His Dad, His Mum, Some Bad People

Neulinger’s gruelling documentary is as much about the rise of the camcorder as it is about the serial abuse he and his sister suffered in their childhood. Making remarkable use of what are essentially home movies, the filmmaker seeks a way to make sense of surviving sexual abuse through the medium of recorded memories. It is both bold and brave – and deeply uncomfortable, as he incorporates contemporary interviews with his family members, and the various law enforcement people and doctors who dealt with the situation.

It is a harsh movie that never shirks its responsibilities, and is clearly – if not a form of closure – than a form of coming to terms for the man behind the camera.

But it’s also one that cleverly notes the nature of the relatively modern video age and seeks to make the camera somewhat complicit in its argument.

Defintely a difficult watch but one that seeks – and finds – its own form of redemption.


Rewind plays the LFF on October 9 & 11. For more info go to






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