Posted Mar 08 2020

Onward - This Pixar Movie Rocks - Again!!!!

Dir: Dan Scanlon

Starring Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer

Pixar’s latest has many daddy issues. (What modern American movie doesn’t?) Has a huge Spielberg influence (from Indiana Jones to Back To The Future – and did we mention the daddy issues?) And is also ridiculously magical – which is handy given that it’s about magic. And magical realms. This is a world in which unicorns fly (but always appear a tad bitter and twisted), pixies swoop around in Hell’s Angel garb,  and elves live suburban lives. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt superbly voice elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, bereft of a departed dad, but, to be fair, given the gift of Julia Louis Dreyfus as their mother.

Nonetheless, it’s the love of their dad they seek – again, see the Spielberg nod above – and to those ends they embark on an epic magical quest with what is basically the lower half of his former body, beautifully animated in a manner of almost-drunken comic delight that only Pixar seem able to manage.

What follows is touching and funny in equal measure, insightful (as always) and ventures into the relm of heart-breaking ultimately. This may not be Pixar’s finest film (who can call that one?) but it is one of its wisest and most heart-felt. It starts with what feels like far too many references to D&D style nerdy game players – and ends up showcasing your own life and deep-rooted feelings. There’s an argument for saying “Jesus, are these filmmakers ever going to fuck up?” (We’re ignoring The Good Dinosaur on purpose.) And there’s every reason in the world to add “Keep on keeping on.”

Followed by a very earnest and genuine “Please.”


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