Posted Jun 07 2019

Liam Gallagher As It Was - This Movie - Like This Man - Rocks

Dir: Charlie Lightening, Gavin Fitzgerald

Starring Liam Gallagher, No One Else Required

“The geezer split me band up. No wonder we fucking hate each other”, “Fuck knows who I am anymore,” “I’ve always thought I was God-like – from the day I was born,” – and then he gets his mum to speak for him.

These are just a few of the many, many reasons why you just have to love Liam Gallagher. Without argument, the greatest frontman of his generation, and one of the finest of all time, you also have to admire the man for pulling this intimate portrait of the artist as a fucked up and lost hero together. It may well be truly on the side of the god, but it is also commendable for not pulling its punches, as it charts Liam’s move from post Oasis limbo (let’s not mention Beady Eye) to triumphant solo debut.

The struggle is ably documented – and the success well won. But Noel’s decision to not allow any Oasis tunes to be played in the film is something of a dampener, and one, which results in a lack of Liam’s new music as well – an odd choice that sees Mazzy Star amongst others adorn the soundtrack instead.

Ultimately, and unlike recent predecessor Supersonic, the story here is a smaller one – that of the comeback our kid. Yet when the film appears to be running out of steam in its latter stages, the attention turns once again to the ongoing brotherly feud, with Liam dropping some perfectly gauged soundbites in regard to Noel, but statements that are also tinged with what feels like a genuine sense of sadness.

However, if the movie feels like a triumphant return that is caveated by a sense of loss, the short live set beamed directly to UK cinemas to follow tonight’s world premiere made up for it, ending with a Champagne Supernova to die for. This song, which features the defining line for all those who lived through the Britpop Wars – “Where were you when we were getting high?” – brought the evening to a magnificent close. As if we needed any more reminding of Liam’s role in the pop firmament – Totally. Fucking. Perfect.


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