Posted Jan 31 2020

The Rhythm Section - This Movie Doesn't Quite Rock

Dir: Reed Morano

Starring Blake Lively And Her Amazing Performing Wigs, Jude Lw, Sterling K. Brown, Raza Jaffrey

Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson introduce us to a whole new kind of assassin, the only drawback being that  in their desire to make their protagonist more realistic and grounded, they’ve also managed to deliver a thriller with few thrills.

A fine Lively is Stephanie who, after her family perish in a plane crash, has fallen to drugs and prostitution. The arrival of an intrepid journo (Jaffrey) who informs her the crash was no accident and instead the result of a terrorist bombing, throws Steph into a world of international revenge, spurred on by Law’s mysterious Bear Grylls’ like former MI6 agent, turned Scotland-based survivalist.

Cue training montage and numerous “assignments” for Lively’s fledgling killer – most of which she seems to botch, before finally getting it right.

There’s a great deal of contrivance in Burnell’s story – and an ending you can see coming from at least a mile away, if not more. Handmaid’s Tale vet Morano proves adept at bringing a low-key grit to events, but less so at ramping up the action at any point, despite the flick’s international scope – Tangier to New York to Marseilles – but the style (and pace) of the piece rarely moves above the mundane.

Lively meanwhile, is good at providing someone to focus on, if not empathise with or fully get behind.


The Rhythm Section poster
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